Hi. My name's Selica but people tend to pronounce it incorrectly so it's cool if you call me Ess (like the letter), Sel, or Selly.

Just don't call me Leeks. I hate that.

In 2012 I fell in like with running. It's gotten pretty serious and in April '13 I ran my first marathon.

Now I love to run.
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Half marathon finisher!


Half marathon finisher!


  1. winstonbluecat said: You look so casual. Love it. Harry did his first one on Sunday xx
  2. linna-pee said: wooohooo congrats!!!
  3. sjpstuff said: Loving the shirt! Well done!
  4. h-co3 said: Congrats!!!
  5. blankmoments said: So proud of you!
  6. funnyrunner said: Congratulations! And how does your hair look so good after 13.1 miles?!
  7. gettingamyright said: Yay!! Congrats!
  8. katiegirlchasesinfinity said: CONGRATS! And i am so, so, so madly in love with your shirt.
  9. find-y0ur-freedom said: omg and you’re wearing a quidditch jersey. could anything be more perfect?
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  11. pondera said: Brilliant! Well done! :-)
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