Hi. My name's Selica but people tend to pronounce it incorrectly so it's cool if you call me Ess (like the letter), Sel, or Selly.

Just don't call me Leeks. I hate that.

In 2012 I fell in like with running. It's gotten pretty serious and in April '13 I ran my first marathon.

Now I love to run.
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3 miles easy.

Sunday I ran 4, and felt fine on Monday. Tonight’s run was also pain free. Very good thing. My biggest Christmas wish is to start half marathon training injury free. Reasonable, n’est-ce pas?

Missed yoga class so I could make Rice Krispie treats and wrap my secret Santa for tomorrow’s christmas lunch.

Seriously underestimated the time it would take to cut out holiday shapes. Would not recommend as a fast “baking” project. I never want to see a candy cane cookie cutter again.

  1. chookiebrookie said: Woweeee YUM!!!!!!!
  2. discoveringtrueself said: They look awesome though
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